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Our candy apples are made by with the highest quality products, which makes the flavor just that much more delicious. Our apples come in a wide variety of designs, from juicy and sweet to fulfilling and wonderful. The flavors of our candy apples are backed by our high quality ingredients.

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Luxury Candy Apples Made With Love

Experience luxury with these mouth watering flavors and ingredients used when designing ``Apple Head`` Candy Apples.

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Clients About Us

The holidays with my family would have been totally different and even boring if it wasn't for your amazing Candy Apples. Strawberry Kisses, Turtle Love, Snowball were simply unforgettable! The Nutty Mess Candy Apples are the best, especially with the great service and at affordable prices. Thanks!

Marquis Jones
Marquis Jones28 y.o.

Beautiful designs, bright colors and wonderful taste! I loved the Candy Apples we ordered for my kids Birthday Party last month! The flavor and texture were fantastic! And it's not that just the kids loved them - we all had a couple for ourselves to enjoy and savoir.

Karen Shelly
Karen Shelly32 y.o.

Every time I host a party or have a special occasion, your Candy Apples are a regular part of it! Sweet, delicious and amazingly juicy, they make everyone fall in love with them immediately. Thank you for your amazing Candy Apples, I appreciated the fast delivery and the cost!

Vivian Kay
Vivian Kay30 y.o.

Having A Party?

Our Apple Head Candy Apples would love to cater your next event, we cater to weddings graduations birthdays and much more. We provide custom apple with names dates colors, for themed parties. You can have your choice of pre-packaged or the in person experience.

Gifts Ideas

Apple Heads Box Sets

Treat him like a KING with this box set. He will always remember this gift.
All of his favorite flavors and apple combinations in one delicious box set.

Apple Head Candy Apple Baskets

Surprise your special lady with a Apple Head Candy Apple box set, she will feel special, when she sees these delectable candy apples.
Great for a gift or just because.

Let us Cater your event

Allow us to cater to you. 🤤🍏 We have all different type of luxury Candy Apple Heads that you can choose from. 💛 Check out our menu. or inbox us if you have any questions. 😁

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